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  1. I. If you cannot choose Huayan to pay when you pay, it may be the following reasons:
    1. The merchant does not support the Huayan service or product does not support it. It is recommended that you pay for the store operation of the store that supports Huayan payment.
    2. If a number of goods merged and paid together, one of the products does not support Huayan payment, then the merger transaction cannot be used.
    3. Huayao's monthly amount has been used in the face, and it cannot be paid in the current store.
    4. The system will support Huayan payment according to whether your current transaction evaluation can be supported. Because each evaluation result is different, even if the same product is the same store, there will be a situation that may be paid today and cannot be paid tomorrow.
    . If you are unavailable in the red envelope of Huayan in your current account, it may be the following reasons:
    1. When using a red envelope deduction, you need to ensure that the order amount> red envelope amount.
    2. When paying, you need to choose "Huayan" as the payment method and use it on the Alipay wireless end.
    3. Huayan Consumption Red Packet supports online physical stores, taxis, online shopping and other scenarios (but Hua Tao red envelopes do not support the purchase of virtual products, including but not limited to virtual products such as virtual currency). Huayan physical store red envelopes only support to pay in physical stores.
    4. During offline payment, the store needs to open the "Huayao Collection" function to remind the seller to confirm.
    At the same time, in the case of meeting the above red envelopes, the system will automatically detect the transaction and the transaction situation at the same time. When the transaction is true and effective, the red envelope can be deducted.
    If you still cannot use it, it is recommended to change the merchant or try it the next day.
    [Expanded information]
    Sed ant flower buns support multi -scenario shopping. The previous main application scenarios are Taobao and Tmall, most of the merchants in Taobao and Tmall can use their payment.
    If flowers have stepped out of the Ali e -commerce platform, and have access to more than 40 external consumer platforms: most e -commerce shopping platforms, such as Amazon, Suning, etc. , Public comment, etc.; Mainstream 3C official malls, such as LeTV, Haier, Xiaomi, OPPO and other official malls; and some websites for overseas shopping.
    The system will support Huayan payment based on whether your current transaction evaluation can be supported in real time. It is recommended that you change other payment methods.

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